About Milton Erickson  ( 1901 -1983)

Milton Erickson MD lived most of his life in Phoenix Arizona.  Originating from farming stock he was an energetic and observant boy who was struck down in his teens and paralysed by Polio.

He was often left for many hours whilst his family busied themselves about the farm and had ample opportunity to observe himself and others and to reflect what he noticed.

Gradually he noticed tiny spontaneous movements in his own apparently inert body. He discovered how to amplify these responses by reconnecting them in his imagination with the activities of his active younger days.

Then with a tenacious spirit he learned to amplify and harness this limited local movement to achieve mobility in a body that had previously resisted all his considerable  will-power.

He managed to rehabilitate himself completely in the space of a few months - and also to repeat this feat when the condition recurred in his fifties. This early experience provided invaluable insights into the ways we can learn to invoke unconscious process to regenerate ourselves physically, psychologically and emotionally.

These discoveries were to prove invaluable in his medical and psychiatric practice - often allowing him to achieve results through simple and original means that often amazed and mystified  colleagues. He published hundreds of books and papers, inspiring a world-wide movement which has developed brief, thorough, effective therapeutic treatment strategies for many distressing medical, psychological and personal adjustment problems.

His singular achievement was to transform little understood but powerful hypnotic processes from a means of public entertainment into a range of ethical therapeutic procedures. Used in conjunction with other therapeutic skills, and in the hands of a properly qualified and experienced therapist, these can confer profound and lasting benefits.

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