Smoking, comfort eating and drinking are widely used to mask problems, get a momentary boost or to pacify or sedate the system.

Concern with healthy eating and body care may morph into exercise addiction & compulsive dieting and obsessions about bodily appearance. ( borderline somatic dysmorphia )

Thoughtless and excessive spending both provide outcomes with an immediate appeal and payoff - often justified by a momentary ‘ high’ and the illusion that such spontaneity  is ' good for you'. But one ‘hit’ is seldom enough.

The momentary excitements of gambling,  gaming and betting take the addict into an insulated fantasy world where all their problems will be solved through a miraculous run of luck.

Retail therapy & shopping addiction are similar in their underlying hope that satisfaction may be gained by getting things without regard to their true life-value. Momentarily it may feel true - but one ‘hit’ is never enough.

Drugs,  Sex Addiction,  Pornography and Internet Addiction are compulsive patterns which can isolate their victims in powerful behaviour patterns and illusions.

Often with a crisis in relationships, finances, health, or employment the illusion finally folds. Then there is the difficult task of fighting back to normality.

Over 30 yrs experience in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy together with other powerful interventions will help you to create the inner energy to end these destructive behaviour patterns.

Individually designed MP3 recordings with powerful hypnotic suggestion can provide continuing support & reinforcement. Complex in form and oddly intriguing - these are easy to listen to and an invaluable ongoing life resource.

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