These people are angry pessimists for whom the cup is always half empty. There never is enough and good is not enough. Somehow the world is always against them  or holding out on them.

Unlike those suffering from depression, people with this difficulty usually have relatively high energy levels. They are generally seen by others as being reasonably or  highly successful.   

Despite this they consistently express discontent.  Life is never good enough; they are basically dissatisfied and discontented.

They are angry and impatient, believing themselves victims  of  the incompetence or selfishness of others, blaming the basic shortcomings and unfairness of the world for their own misery.

They argue  incessantly.  Even when acting as devil's advocate - they easily become  confrontational and attacking.   They use aggressive conduct and needless confrontation for stress management, enabling them to feel relief through ' dumping' their tension on others.  

Their relationships tend to be intense , persecutory and relatively short-lived.  They can be relentlessly demoralising - providing a real-life representation of   the  male tyrant or nagging female stereotype.

Often the individual  has been the childhood victim of  over-critical  fault-finding  patterns and controlling behaviour - which they go on to reproduce as adults. Otherwise they have witnessed family members being humiliated by similar treatment and have learned to imitate these patterns.

Alternatively, the child had a strong personality but an insufficiently bounded upbringing - being allowed to get their own way too much and too easily. If they are attractive or intelligent - or otherwise admired - they frequently also develop narcissistic characteristics.  This fosters a powerful sense of entitlement and an inability to make allowances for others or to accept criticism.   It is often hidden behind a competently sociable front.  However, they usually react with aggressive behaviour when thwarted or frustrated.

In neither case is there a secure sense of  the self  nor any realistic acceptance in relation to the world - with all the disappointments, limitations and imperfections this entails.

They are often envious but rarely express  jealous feelings directly.   Instead they undermine  and seek opportunities to control others or put them  down to maintain their own sense of superiority.

Often they have Type-A temperaments with  powerful driving and striving - frequently coupled with perfectionism - and unreasonable demands and expectations of others. Generally there is deep but un-acknowledged unhappiness, a sense of  never having enough and great difficulty in feeling  any lasting satisfaction with any aspect of  their life.   They seem only to feel secure through being negative  toward and scornful of others.

People with such difficulties often manifest great physical and mental tension. This can be  relieved through appropriate behavioural and physical exercises and hypnotic strategies.

The big physio-psychological shifts required to effect substantial change are usually resisted. This is very  difficult to achieve because the person has become habituated for so long to extreme demands. To manage this they have cut off  any sensitivity toward themselves and cannot detect how stressed they are.  Their physiological and mental states need to be shifted well away from  this  highly pressurised  baseline to more comfortable and sustainable levels.

People with these difficulties are unlikely to benefit from anger management techniques without prior attention to these underlying difficulties. They seldom offer themselves for therapy - and rarely go any effective distance in treatment without very skilful management.

It is generally their partners  and  adult children who pay a very high price for these behaviours.  They are also  likely to benefit from  therapeutic help and support to deal with the fallout.

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