Be Assertive - Say What You Think - Say No - Express Anger

Shy - Self Conscious - Stand Up For Yourself

Manage Disagreement - Opposition - Criticism

Argue - Negotiate - Bargain Effectively

If you are overly self-conscious or shy it can be difficult to stand up for yourself, bargain effectively, or be assertive.

In meetings or social gatherings the common symptoms of  embarrassment, blushing - sweating - palpitations - hamper the ability to express an opinion or say what you think - often leaving others to dominate or take the credit.

Being unable to wield authority or to express anger sufferers may fail to challenge colleagues where needed or cover their insecurities by bullying, driving or otherwise aggressing colleagues or subordinates. It is important to able to manage disagreement, opposition or criticism  constructively.

In relationships there may be a powerful co-dependent tendency allowing the individual to take second place, going along with things of which they disapprove, and staying with the wrong partner whilst pretending that things are alright.  

Changing these patterns involves learning new skills and discovering how to connect more freely and spontaneously with one's own wants and needs - and finding the energies which allow you to organise your internal states into combinations of successful win-win strategies and attitudes.

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