Hypnosis & Blushing - Sweating - Stammering - Clumsiness

Feeling Shy -Awkward - Stammer -Embarrassed - Self Conscious

Self Hypnosis - Relaxation - Menopause - PMT - Arthritis

Being self conscious to some degree is normal and necessary. When this is coupled with some degree of nervousness and we may begin to feel shy and exposed or awkward and embarrassed. We can become increasingly aware of how our body feels - perhaps noticing that we are feeling slightly warm or sounding slightly strained. Then we may rapidly progress from feeling slightly uncomfortable to full blown blushing, sweating or stammering and exhibiting general clumsiness and ineptitude.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for altering the way we experience situations and our physiological reactions to them.  Although quite powerful physiological reactions can be involved in these situations, these are relatively insignificant compared with the physiological changes that can be effected through hypnosis - like Arthritis, PMT and Menopause symptoms.. ( See - Physical - Habits - PSYCHOSOMATIC )

At the psychological level, hypnosis can install powerful processes which enable us to insulate ourselves from immediate pressures, perceive events and demands clearly and respond to them with an easy sense of calm resourcefulness.

Self hypnosis can also be learned to develop relaxation skills and to develop and extend your capabilities to many new situations.

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