Modern leadership roles - at all levels - call on individuals to deploy a wide range of skills and personal qualities and initiative to create an humane and effective environment.

Many working roles - especially management  roles bring challenges - especially for the newly appointed.    Confident management  & supervision of people often require perceptions and life skills which need improvement.

Matrix settings  in particular create complex relationships where  expert & authority figures can feel inhibiting and create conflicting pressures.

Effective self management  in these contexts requires flexibility, assertiveness and a balanced perspective  to handle the pressures and constraints and to negotiate individual styles & circumstances.

Motivating teams requires  people management  strategies and leadership styles which may challenge one’s assertiveness, self confidence & decision-making skills.

There can be confusions between  working as a team and the needs of  team players with the need to exercise authority. Often such confusions result from poorly structured tasks and work roles of insufficient quality and significance

Effective team participation at all levels calls  for skilful self management and communication - to achieve cooperation and motivate colleagues.  It also requires an ability to deal with anger,  to handle stress and resolve conflict - especially in complex pressured environments with  difficult colleagues.

Flexibility and subtlety sometimes needs to be  blended with more assertive strategies. Sometimes this needs coupling with mentoring and structured team coaching.

Such concerns and competitive pressure may make work too dominant a concern - reducing quality of life and eroding relationships with partners, friends and family. Undee extreme pressures people can lose an integrated sense of meaning and purpose in life or a balanced and coherent sense of self. Such feelings characterise burnout - a serious personal crisis.

People may find they have to work in ways which conflict with their nature or values - or pursue expectations which compromise health, proper self care and work-life balance.

Explorations of alternative life options and how to  develop one’s activities, interests and skill set  to resolve such conflicts is often an important part of this work.

Using systematic and imaginative dialogue we can identify what  YOU need to  develop your life maintain well-being  & integrate your personal life with work demands.

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In a wide ranging study - Sociology Professor Scott Schieman and PhD student Sarah Reid at Toronto State University  reported  ‘ the damaging levels of work stress experienced by  people exercising power and authority at all levels in the modern workplace. ’  Little has improved since.    ( see - )

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