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The Hypnotherapy  Psychotherapy & Counselling therapy practice is located in a pleasant part of Clapham  at the foot of  Cautley Avenue SW4. With an open view toward Clapham Common,  the house can be seen - coming from  Clapham South tube as you approach down Cautley Avenue.

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You may like to take time before or after  your appointment to enjoy Clapham Common.

It offers pleasant prospects - especially in good weather. There is a fine view of  aircraft overhead on their way to Heathrow - sometimes bringing clients from foreign parts. Also a Victorian Bandstand recently restored by Lambeth Council as a result of pressure and doughty fund-raising by the Clapham Society.

Right by this is a cafe - a favourite sunny gathering place for couples & young mothers with pre-school children of all ages - engaged in their own support and pre-counselling counselling over a latte . The large hard surfaced apron and surrounding slopes are much enjoyed by youngsters on foot or bicycle. Their energetic feats provide delightful entertainment.

The Clapham Society also pressed the development of a fine enclosed playground for accompanied young children with grants from the Lottery Fund.  As a Clapham therapist who does hypnotherapy with children and young persons - these locations - as well as the athletic activities of runners and sports enthusiasts - plus the many family happenings in the Avenue - provide many opportunities for a lifelong student of  Behavioural Science to observe, recollect and reflect on  family relationships and the young  persons’ experience of  the world.

I also offer counselling help to young adults - with the all dilemmas and difficulties of making  a life in the metropolis.

With many more venerable specimens - self  included - Clapham Common  now  has avenues of  healthy young trees  planted largely at the instigation of  the Clapham Society and Friends of Clapham Common. Over the last 30 yrs - these have formed an increasingly  gracious backdrop to the thriving leisure activity Clapham Common supports.

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