Writers  Creative Block  Apathy  Life Crisis  Low Motivation Emotional Exhaustion - Aimless - Loss of Purpose Focus

In broad terms these difficulties present like mental or emotional exhaustion.

Often people experience a loss of focus and low motivation, accompanied by a general sense of apathy toward specific or more general aims. The mind loses resilience and spontaneity and life seems to close in and become humdrum. Important pursuits may feel meaninglessness and former life purposes may threaten to become aimless or empty.  This can easily progress to depression.

Such pressures may be quite subtle or unconscious.  They may have been ignored or rationalised over a long period - but their unrelenting nature may suddenly emerge in a full-blown life-crisis.

These feelings generally arise in two broad ways. They may result from working and/or playing too hard. This is common amongst those who are driving and striving.  Having suppressed warning signals over a long period they tend to hit complete burnout - suffering sudden mental and emotional collapse.

ME is an extreme form of this condition - often experienced by those with extreme perfectionist expectations of themselves and others - who have driven themselves too long and too hard.

Alternatively the difficulty  may arise from situations or occupations which have worked against our true nature over period.  There may  be bouts of apathy or low motivation sometimes accompanied by a sense of being aimless or empty. Those in creatively demanding occupations may succumb to conditions like  writers or creative block where the mind has lost the capacity for energetic application.  

Cognitive Behavioural Analysis can be useful to identify subversive patterns. Ericksonian Hypnosis & Psychotherapy can be a vital resource in re-building capability - re-connecting mental energies and resources in a more constructive way.

The Ericksonian approach itself is very creative approach. It is a style of working which is generally very acceptable to those with an imaginative disposition.

The deeper and longer-standing the difficulty, the more extensive the re-construction. Sometimes it is necessary to release the individual from behaviour patterns and damaging beliefs acquired very early in life.

Often a structured activity program is designed to gradually re-connect lost energies and to inculcate new life patterns.  New styles of operating are developed which allow a re-connection with former vitality but with more regard and respect for our own natural limits.

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