Individual Couple & Relationship Counselling

                      Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy ( Outcome  Oriented  & Ericksonian )

                            Therapy with Children Young Persons & Adults of All Ages

                                        Individual Couple & Relationship Counselling

                                            30 yrs Behavioural Science Experience

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Applications of  Ericksonian Hypnotherapy  

   Physical & Behaviour Problems

            Problem Thought Patterns

                     Social Emotional & Relationship Difficulties

                              Personal Development & Life Change Issues

Physical and Behaviour Problems

Impulsive & Erratic Behaviour

Smoking,  Shoppa-holism, Exercise Addiction

Other Compulsive Behaviour and Addictions

Over Indulgence in Alcohol

Disordered Eating, Anorexia & Bulimia, Eating Difficulties

Dietary Aversions, Food Fads

Weight control

Physical tension, nervousness, PMT

Nail-biting, Stammering, Bed-wetting, Hair-Pulling

Other undesirable Habits, Tics & Mannerisms


Insomnia, Nightmares & Night Terrors

Lack of Energy, Loss of Appetite

Non-organic Loss of Sexual Drive & Function

Anorgasmia,  Vaginismus,  Erectile Dysfunction

Problems with Sports and Athletics Mental Attitude & Performance

Problem Thought Patterns

Anxiety,  Mental Tension,  Worry,  Depression

Uncontrollable or Disproportionate Anger  Mangement

Lack of Confidence,  Low Self - Esteem

Poor Concentration, Low Enthusiasm, Interest, Drive Motivation

Unable to Plan, Make Up Your Mind or Make Decisions

Work-Related Problems - Poor Self  Promotion & Presentation

Work Motivation and Performance,  Bullying,  Presentation Difficulties

Exam Nerves,  Driving Test Nerves, Learning Difficulties

Phobias,  Fear of flying,  Claustrophopia,  Agoraphobia

Uncontrollable Thought Patterns,  Irrational Thoughts, Fears and Anxieties

Stress Trauma from Illness, Accident  or Assault

Feeling Unreal, Detached, Victimised, Persecuted, Misunderstood


Social, Emotional and Relationship Difficulties

Family, Parent-Child & Relationship Difficulties

Inability to Make or Sustain Friendships or Intimate Relationships

Feeling Over-Emotional or Out-of-Touch with your Own Feelings or Other People

Feeling Disliked, Ignored or Misunderstood

Finding to Hard to Be Relaxed,  Be Sociable or Make Friends

Feeling Hopeless, Worthless or Not Good Enough

Difficulties with Subordinates or Authority Figures or Bullying

Inability to State Your View or Feelings

Unable to Be Assertive or Get Yourself  Taken Seriously

Inability to Argue,  Negotiate or Bargain Effectively

Difficulties in Being Definite, Making Commitments or Keeping Your Word

Difficulties in Making Relationships & Trusting People

Difficulty in Adjusting to Grief and Loss

Difficulty in Ending Relationships, Breaking-up  or Letting Go.

Personal Development & Life Change Issues

Taking Charge of Your Life

Becoming Positive Not Passive

Developing Meaning In Your Life - How to develop yourself

Discovering What You Want

Developing Strategies for Change

Making Decisions - Jobs - Relationships - Way of life - Place to live

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