Ericksonian Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Ericksonian hypnotherapy provides very powerful and effective methods for treating many physical, relationship and emotional problems. It also has an important role in Ericksonian psychotherapy. This natural style of working respects ways that each of us uses awareness and imagination in our own individual ways to access many different states of mind.

Hypnosis and Altered States of Mind

Many ‘altered states’ are light and spontaneous moments of ‘self hypnosis’ which last only fractions of a second.  They may occur many thousands of times a day. We usually don’t realise we are doing it.

Some hypnotic ‘altered states’ - rich in internal reflections and imaginings - are particularly useful to release us from old patterns and bring about change.

Hypnosis allows the mind to engage effortlessly with ideas or internal processes that would not be consciously available to solve a problem.

Applications of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

The amazing thing is that Ericksonian hypnotherapy works for such a wide range of difficulties.
  Psychological Difficulties  
     - Low self confidence & esteem,depression, stress, anxiety, tension,         insomnia, fear & phobias, exam nerves, panic attack, fear of flying
       grief & loss
  Behaviours and Habits
    - weight loss management & control, eating disorder, smoking, insomnia
  Physical Conditions
    - headaches & pains, skin complaints, IBS and allergies, erectile dysfunction
      sports performance

Therapeutic Hypnosis

Deeper hypnotic states can be induced through relaxation and self hypnosis. For therapeutic purposes, both light and deeper states can be accessed more systematically by Ericksonian hypnotherapy practitioners.

In therapeutic hypnosis ( hypnotherapy ) the relaxed and reflective mode is used to direct activity toward  therapy issues. Hypnotic states also connect mind much more easily with many unconscious resources.

To be really effective, the Ericksonian hypnotherapy practitioner needs to work in sympathy with natural variations in awareness.  To create maximum advantage for the client, therapeutic suggestions need to be made by the therapist the right way and at just the right moment - in the course of seemingly natural conversation.

Often one can approach the client’s problem from several different directions, gradually creating general state of ‘ solution readiness ‘. Through growing realisation, the mind adds up two and two - generally arriving at a rather better answer than the one the practitioner first thought of.
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In this way Ericksonian hypnosis avoids a very major difficulty many people - (and other kinds of hypnotherapy methods ) encounter when trying to solve problems. Either they think in too limited a way about them them - or they just try too hard.

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In Ericksonian hypnotherapy, and taking advantage of natural process, constructive suggestion can be engaged effortlessly and almost un-noticed - and the problem-solving process is far less likely to be spoiled by such negative tendencies.

In Ericksonian hypnotherapy, hypnosis is not needed to construct suggestible states - but rather one first works to amplify useful states as they occur - naturally. They may be deepened by a skilful therapist as the situation allows and the problem requires.

Careful observation and considerable imagination are needed to practice this style of hypnotherapy effectively with a wide range of clients.  Constructive ideas and indirect suggestion must be deployed in a well-timed and well-structured way within a free conversational format.

The Experience of Hypnosis

Whilst they have no sense of being unaware of what happens, the processes are so involving in Ericksonian hypnosis, and the unconscious connection so deep that people often remember little detail of what was said. This has the advantage that unconscious work can continue efficiently - with no critical or over-rational interference.

People are nonetheless surprised how solutions and ‘right behaviours’ seem to pop up thereafter in just the right way and at just the right time.

'Formal'  hypnotic states may flow easily and spontaneously from this - but these occur only when the client is at ease with the process. These are used in Ericksonian hypnotherapy only when the condition requires.

Competently conducted by the most experienced and skilled practitioners, Ericksonian hypnotherapy is a creative, relaxed and natural experience  - like an effortlessly clear and pleasantly focused conversation.

Benefits of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Using these methods, a surprising amount of effective hypnotherapy work can be accomplished quite easily and in a short time.  Because the procedures are generated from your own natural processes - the solutions not only work - they last !

Often people have no clear recollection of  what was said.  Instead they are pleasantly surprised to discover how - in their normal lives - really useful ideas re-occur at just the right time.  The right state of mind becomes available - and the right course of action is obvious.  And they manage previously difficult situations with ease.

There are  other considerable gains - which people often do not anticipate. Through hypnotherapy they discover so much more about their own and other people’s internal processes. They also begin to experience deeper changes within themselves.
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Ericksonian Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis and Altered States of Mind

Applications of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Therapeutic Hypnosis & Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Styles

The Experience of Hypnosis
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Benefits of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

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