What Happens in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy ?

It is Easy…..   a few sessions are usually enough

You simply come and talk. We notice what happens.

Through relaxed and carefully structured investigation we discover what needs to change

You discover how natural it can be to access more relaxed states of mind - allowing powerful unconscious abilities to transform and solve difficulties  - strengthening your health and well-being

How Do People Experience Ericksonian Hypnotherapy ?

Each of us has his or her own different response. Some report a mild state of daze - like daydream. Others enhanced states of easy aliveness.

Most experience an apparently ordinary and pleasant process

Some drift into recognisably different or deeper states characterised by pleasant thoughts, colours, sounds or familiar pleasurable scenes.

Some can go very deeply into entirely different experience.

Nearly everyone is impressed by the sense of calm and clarity - having sufficient present awareness to feel entirely able to act appropriately - discovering that there are depths of  comfort and ease that they never imagined or have only experienced very briefly before.

What If  I Have Had  Upsetting Experiences ?

Though the experience you bring may be disturbing or linked with painful memory - it is not necessary to access upset or pain in any other than carefully managed ways to achieve significant change.

Will I Become A Different Person ?

Your fundamental personality remains unchanged - but your experience and response to it will likely become more relaxed, focused and effective.   Most likely you will experience a more comfortable version of yourself.

Are There Other Benefits ?

As you become more familiar with this easy way of  being it tends to become more and more a part of  YOU - and the way you live.

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