Keith Bibby - Bsc(Hons) Dip EHL/NLP FCRAH

Outcome - Oriented ( Ericksonian ) Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy

                      Individual Couple & Relationship Counselling

                            30 yrs Behavioural science Experience


Ericksonian Treatment  & NLP - Unconscious Self Help

This  work is  based on observation & utilisation of natural processes that occur in us all.   We all generate different states of  awareness.  It’s in the very language.


       ‘Self - consciousness’  is an over-awareness of  internal states.

       ‘Callous-ness’ is a hardening of awareness that prevents us from

        sympathetically imagining or modelling the reactions of others.

The ability to change state gives us flexibility to adapt and respond.  It involves us in balancing awareness of  internal and external states with the data we acquire from the world and others - using these to form our intentions and direct our energies. State imbalances cause problems.

Generally speaking we can all discover how to improve these processes. Perhaps surprisingly, we can even affect the way our bodies respond - through self-healing of  many conditions !

Ericksonian therapy is practised and recognised in serious circles world-wide. Whilst its underlying principles are well-founded and understood,  methods necessarily match the qualities and capacities of each individual. This demands acute awareness and observation on the part of practitioners coupled with unceasing originality and innovation.

The work entails detaching ‘failed’ conscious strategies - what we call ‘trying’ - and allowing superior ploys to replace them. Clients often cannot explain how they have acquired new states of mind and abilities to self help and do things differently with confidence and little apparent effort.  Results frequently generalise to many other behaviours.   The individual nature and huge variety of resulting solutions, ,ake scientific validation of  these procedures a deep challenge !

The work requires much thought & concentrated awareness of the person, coupled with considerable finesse in application.

In general attentive clients discover an enormous amount about their own qualities & capabilities with benefits  which last well beyond the immediate aims of the work.

Analysis of the work of Erickson and other practitioners led to the development of  NLP - which expresses many procedures used as useful formal patterns - but many subtleties of Ericksonian work completely elude such formulaic  analysis.

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