Exam Preparation -Examination Nerves -Memory -Study Motivation

 ( Focus - Discipline - Study Process - Concentration - Fear of Failure )

Exam preparation is an important process which repays careful atention.can need the precision of a military campaign.  Every individual has distinctive learning and information processing patterns. Behavioural analysis can be very helpful in identifying designing activity patterns and study strategies which use can these to best effect.  There are also powerful mental strategies and states of mind which can be made available through hypnotic techniques to support effective study processes.

Where a large amount of work is required people must apply themselves and sustain study motivation over a long period.

Those with lesser challenges may be more relaxed - but are sometimes dangerously complacent. In either case, people can find themselves with more to do for their exams than time allows.

This may be due to unexpected disruptions to a study schedule or to lack of focus or study  discipline.  Whichever is the case, a growing fear of failure may increasingly undermine concentration as time shortens.

A moderate dose of exam nerves is natural for most people. But this can run out of control.  Becoming over-conscious of what we don’t know can make us blind to what we do - increasing the risk of panic on or before the day.

There also may be a lack of confidence that memory will be equal to the task or that the capacity to think will be driven out completely on the day.

Cognitive Behavioural Techniques can be useful in disentangling the confused thinking that may have developed and Ericksonian Hypnosis  can stabilise processes and create states of mind to address the study task as effectively as possible in the time available - so that calm and efficient processes are in place on the day of the exam.

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