Family Crisis - Lifestyle Adjustment -Financial -Job -Location

Family Adjustment -Children Leaving -Grandparent -Retirement

Lifestyle- Job Change/ Loss

Mid-Life Crisis

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Life change or life crisis can often uncover pre-existing difficulties at a deep level within the person. Someone who seems to have functioned alright under normal stress for years may suddenly find themselves disproportionately distressed or overwhelmed, burned out and unable to cope or go on.

Sudden emotional impacts, like the classic - children leaving home, bereavement or job loss or financial worries  can have severe impacts.  

A process of life change or letting go of a familiar way of life can disturb us at a deep level whilst breaking up a relationship, separation and divorce even from bad relationships can have unexpectedly large impact. Unexpected economic reverses, demotion, job loss or insecurity - or  ' normal' processes like job change, moving house or retirement often generate unexpectedly deep and strong reactions.

Sometimes a powerful identity crisis or mid-life crisis may arise - seemingly unconnected with present circumstances - often generating very disruptive feelings and behaviour. Jobs, relationships and life pattern can all come into question. Such experiences can cause deep-searching about the reason or purpose in one's life - who one is and what it all means - or how to go on.  Many more people experience such turmoil - but push it all down again - rather than managing to break out and find ways to overcome the constricting patterns which caused the crisis.

Such a process would almost invariably benefit from powerful support and regular therapy sustained through the time of worst crisis, usually with intermittent follow-up over a period.

In all these cases Cognitive Behavioural Analysis is invaluable for identifying underlying processes. Ericksonian Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy are powerful techniques which extend Counselling for such difficulties into effective and long-lasting solutions.

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