Fearful - Suspicious - Untrusting - Anxious - Insecure
Childhood Abuse - Anxiety - Insecurity - Inadequacy
Social & Relationship Problems - Commitment Phobia
These difficulties often arise from childhood deprivations or childhood abuse. ( This may also be characterised in  other ways.)
People who are suspicious or untrusting often have considerable social difficulties. Such patterns frequently mask a powerful sense of personal inadequacy and feelings of anxiety and insecurity. There may be a pervasive fear of being trapped or commitment phobia
Indeed those in close relationships with them often experience the difficulty quite profoundly. Relationship problems may  need to be examined and understood in order help those living with a difficult partner to work productively with the problem.
These cases usually need systematic work to rebuild the person at deep psychological and behavioural levels over a period of time. The client will need to undertake extensive homework and structured exercises to develop healthy attitudes and behaviour.
Ericksonian hypnotherapy in combination with other behavioural procedures can be used very effectively in developing positive personal management skills by changing negative states and reconstructing the way the individual perceives and experiences the world.
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