Keith Bibby - Bsc(Hons) Dip EHL/NLP FCRAH

   Outcome - Oriented ( Ericksonian ) Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy

   Individual Couple & Relationship Counselling

               35 yrs Behavioural Science & Therapy Experience



The Clapham Common Practice at 49 Klea Avenue  ( SW4 9HG ) is a 7 minute  walk from   CLAPHAM SOUTH   ( Northern Line )  Underground Station.

It faces toward Clapham Common

at the junction of KLEA AVENUE with  CAUTLEY  AVENUE. ( See Map )

From  Clapham South Underground - the speed of local traffic  makes it advisable to cross the light-controlled pedestrian crossing immediately outside the Station -then turn left and follow the main road alongside Clapham  Common ( passing the n TESCO mini-market on your right ).

Continue over the junction at the traffic lights - keeping a good lookout since there is no clear indication to pedestrians that  traffic may arrive unexpectedly from your left.

The road you are now on is Clapham Common Southside.

You continue with the main road and Clapham Common still on your left.

After  40 metres ( Having passed Lynette Avenue and Lessar Avenue ) you arrive

opposite the pond with a central  island with reed beds on the margins and a collapsed willow tree on the island

You will observe CAUTLEY AVENUE immediately to your right. My house

stands at the bottom facing the Common.   The other roads you have  passed

since the traffic lights also intersect with Klea Avenue and may afford a quieter, more sheltered or shady prospect.


Just around the corner - 40 metres from  the practice - is a very useful parade of shops, restaurants and wine & coffee bars.   This is ABBEVILLE ROAD - known  locally as Abbeville Village.  If  you are hungry or thirsty - need to park a friend, a rest or a rendezvous - either  before or after your appointment - it is a very handy resort.  There is also a convenient range of food shopping.

CLAPHAM COMMON  offers pleasant walks and quiet ponds.  In the centre of the common, right by the recently restored Victorian bandstand, there is a pleasant cafe with outdoor seating. There is also the Windmill pub, to your right if you face the common from the top of Cautley Avenue, which is a popular out-of-doors resort in the summer.

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