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Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy - Are There Any Dangers  ?

Like all mental health practitioners, I  have a duty of care  and need to be properly informed in order to be able to work with  your condition.

 You need to tell me if you are using  medication, particularly for any serious physical  or psychiatric conditions, or have had any traumatic episodes in your life or if  you are presently vulnerable in any way

 - physical or mental.  Anything you tell me will be treated in compete confidence.

There may also be feelings or episodes in your life of  which you feel ashamed - which may be an important part of your difficulty.  You need to know that after 35 yrs professional experience - I have a broad sympathy and understanding for the difficulties people experience in life.   I have probably encountered more challenging things than you have heard or can imagine.  You will be perfectly safe to tell me anything like this - in your own time.

I am professionally and ethically bound to respect your confidences.  Nothing like this will affect how I see or deal with you as a person.

I assess a condition on the basis of  how it expresses and not how it is labelled or has been diagnosed or treated previously.  My assessment of your case will always be based on what I observe and learn from you in our exchanges.  Full information will assist me in judging the treatment strategies it is wise to use or avoid.  I have not yet encountered  a condition so hedged about with difficulties that beneficial work could not be done.

The unconscious is very powerfully protective of us.  Useful hypnotic states and lasting  results only develop when an unconscious assessment has been made of the reliability and integrity of the therapist. Uncomfortable intuitions about a therapist concerned should be heeded since this is the way the unconscious communicates with our conscious awareness.

The unconscious only allows acceptable material to be integrated into the deep level automatic process. Any unnatural suggestions are destined to be rejected or to fail shortly after installation.

The careless,  poorly trained or inexpert practitioner may indeed generate uncomfortable experiences. Should this occur  the suggestions made will not 'take' - but may have unintended consequences.

Some people worry, quite needlessly, that they might not be able to be roused from a deep state. At worst, even if  your therapist  should die at their  post  - a very rare occurrence -   you might fall into a brief sleep before waking.  If you happen to have paid in advance I  would definitely recommend you request a  refund !

People also ask sometimes whether there could be any danger of their mind being disturbed or their personality being somehow altered.

Although individuals may change considerably  -  finding themselves thinking, experiencing and acting more freely and competently - fundamental identity change is not really feasible with hypnotherapy. You will definitely still be the same person.

It is claimed that basic personality change can be achieved through coercive mind-altering and re-programming strategies employed in military or intelligence circles - but these results are generally unstable and are only possible  with the assistance of powerful drugs which only specialised psychiatrists are licensed or competent to use.  This makes entertaining films - but it isn’t normal life !

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