Insomnia & disturbed sleep patterns of various kinds are experienced by about 35% of the population - more commonly from middle age. Sleep anxiety amongst insomniacs is common - but does not help a condition which merits careful attention.

Sleeping issues present frequently & are usually solved quickly.

It is normal to have occasional trouble sleeping. Some people say they are ' always tired or sleepy'.  Often they exaggerate - but long term fatigue or frequent dizziness, accident proneness & attention deficits are serious indicators.

The causes of insomnia  may involve various factors :-

PHYSIOLOGICAL - overweight, breathing apnoea, late exercise, stress, light sensitivity...etc.   PSYCHOLOGICAL -anxiety, overwork, emotional  , overactive mind, stress ..etc.

HABITUAL -alcohol, late TV, recreational drugs, eating late. Sleep hygiene ...etc.  ENVIRONMENTAL - unusual location, external noise, restless partner.... etc.

True sleep deprivation is serious. In moderate amounts sleepless nights reduce one's general enjoyment and quality of life. Over time it damages prospects, material circumstances & relationships and injures physical and mental health.

There are sleep aids and operations for conditions like sleep apnoea; doctors are otherwise reluctant to prescribe except in emergency. Refreshing natural sleep is what people generally would prefer. Although the most common problem is how to get to sleep - sleeping problems are of several types. :-

-  hovering in a light stage of sleep - between sleep and waking

-  difficulty staying asleep, being easily disturbed

-  being wakeful when disturbed i.e. sleeplessness

-  not sleeping deeply enough - insufficient quality of sleep

-  sleeping longer than necessary - unable to wake on time.

People often fail to distinguish these components.

Everyone has different ways to fall asleep - using unconscious natural strategies learned from childhood. When these go wrong people drive themselves away from solutions by trying too hard.

We seldom ask ourselves how we stay asleep - or recognise that this is entirely unconscious - and should be very easy. Clearly it needs needs priming in special ways.

Discovering how to sleep better, we analyse patterns under-lying the difficulty & find elegant and EASY ways to change.

Ericksonian Hypnosis with NLP techniques generate REALLY EFFECTIVE and natural sleeping aids.  We adjust perceptions to generate different awareness - program out disturbances & daytime concerns and worries from contaminating your sleep.

Examination of your daily circumstances from a behavioural viewpoint reveals opportunities to re-arrange things to help to sleep much better. Then suggestions are framed to mobilise the process without producing resistance.

An optional personally tailored MP3 track can consolidate the work.  People become far more relaxed and tension free both through improved sleeping and a different self-awareness.

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