Lack of Confidence in exercising or  dealing with authority can be a big handicap.

At work and in everyday life we need to be able to deal with authority figures. We may need to hold our own or express opinions, speak in groups or speak in meetings or public settings.  In these situations we can become overly self-conscious and feel insecure - even begin to amplify insecurities about various aspects of ourselves which are irrelevant  to the present situation.

Losing the edge in this way can easily knock you off message, undermine the credibility of a sales pitch or ruin an opportunity for job advancement or self promotion. Whether pitching for work or in a job interview - we need to express and present ourselves successfully and imbue any potential buyer or employer with confidence.  In all such cases we need to demonstrate ease with authority - whether wielding it or responding to it.

Too conscious an effort to maintain one’s cool both feels unnatural and is generally all too evident to those around. Too nervous and you may be thought incompetent or evasive, whilst too nonchalant an attitude may appear defiant or arrogant.

Many people acquire the necessary skills and improve them as they go along. But sometimes an insecure foundation or uneven development can leave gaps in one’s performance. This can easily undermine confidence and generate uncertainty and unnecessary stress.

These difficulties can be relatively easily overcome - mostly without any need to dig up the past.  Its largely about knowing how to construct the right kind of positive states or the necessary constellation of subtle inner skills  so that you can call on them in a reliable way.   

It makes sense in developing these capabilities and improving one’s performance to be guided by an expert with a modern understanding of the underlying neuro-psychological processes.

With 30+ yrs of behavioural science experience I am able to quickly identify the patterns underlying your presenting difficulty and to find exact and efficient means through which to exert leverage and bring about change.

This is achieved through precisely targeted personal change strategies.  Change will involve a combination of behavioural tasks focused on those precise areas in your own performance which need reshaping.

A sequence of personally tailored exercises are constructed to change your awareness and approach in formerly challenging situations.  Feedback is used to refine and strengthen the process through structured NLP techniques, integrated with patterns of hypnotic suggestion.   Sometimes it is also useful to develop individually designed MP3 ‘booster’ tracks to which you can listen to reinforce the process.

Quite quickly the new ways of proceeding become a natural part of your personal repertoire - you find yourself able to act and speak appropriately with authority in a natural way - and the change is complete.

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