Lack of Confidence, Poor Self Image or Low Self Esteem - has profound effects; people become withdrawn or almost invisible; hiding away - not expressing their thoughts, needs and wishes - giving in to others too easily and too often putting others first.

Being too worried what others think leads to withdrawn behaviour - fading into backgrounds - hoping not to be noticed - or worse still - to be asked anything - but feeling quite left out.

Acting this way only makes the difficulty greater.

In competitive environments, inability to mobilise self presentation and self promotion skills costs many opportunities for personal development and advancement.

Though easily recognised - the underlying patterns are often driven by long-lived unconscious programs. These are very individual and require careful probing & analysis to discover how they are constructed and to develop corrective strategies.

If difficulties are compounded with strong elements of self sacrifice, diagnosis and reconstruction are more complex.

Cognitive behavioural strategies may be used to deconstruct negative thought patterns and reactions. Other devices including experimental tasks and exercises are used to generate experience of new constructive possibilities.

Negative self perceptions and inner states and dialogues are refashioned in careful and deliberate ways using Ericksonian Hypnosis & NLP technique. Combined with other exercises you learn to experience and think about yourself spontaneously in different ways.

In the space of a few weeks - poor self-image is transformed - positive attitudes and behaviour become energised and spontaneous - and your life becomes re-engaged with an easy self confidence.

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