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(  Fear of Failure - Failure State, Performance Confidence )

The capacity to perform under pressure is important in critical or life threatening situations - but in matters like learning to drive or the driving test the pressure is generally much less real than imagined.

Any combination of mental and physical skills is learned through four stages - from knowing nothing about it to the desired state of unconscious competence where we are able - relatively effortlessly - to enjoy the required performance. This is true performance confidence.

Difficulties occur where the four learning stages get confused and we attend to our performance in the wrong way. If we attribute errors we observe to innate incompetence rather than the stage of learning that we are in - we fuel and anticipate fear of failure.

Like other performance challenges, driving test nerves arise through thinking negatively and too much about tricky aspects of the task virtually to the exclusion of all the things we can already do well.  

Instead of regarding each episode as an opportunity to learn and improve we recruit a sense of ourselves in a failure state from situations in our past. In this state of mind past failures have to be overcome before any energy can go to the present challenge.

Then instead of letting ourselves carry out the task naturally through developing and liberating our unconscious skills, we think we have to remember how to do it all - and add the fear of forgetting to our burden.

Cognitive Behavioural Techniques are used to deconstruct the baggage from the past - NLP and Hypnosis can further insulate the mind from old patterns and connect freely with learned skills.

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