Generally these arise from containment of tension in the system.

Anxiety and insecurity, perfectionist strivings or the avoidance of issues and suppression or the displacement of aggression  commonly trigger these behaviours. Self harm is at the extreme end of this spectrum and has a much more complex structure.

Many conditions involve deep processes which adapt ordinary behaviours to release tensions. The particular form the habit adopts often arises from suggestion taken on in unnoticed ways. Undue attention & pressure from others to desist often merely amplify the pattern.

Nail-biting, stammering or hair-pulling may be caused by anxiety or anger - or something entirely different.    Teeth-Grinding (or Bruxism) or Jaw Clenching or TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Jaw Syndrome ) like bed-wetting often happen at night and - cause persistent & painful aches.

Hypnosis uses unconscious process to relieve the underlying tensions & conflicts - is commonly very successful in solving these & other nervous tics and mannerisms. ( Interesting aside - no-one talking in their sleep has ever been heard stammering. )

Effective treatment depends on careful analysis of the underlying problem structure.

Incompetent attempts to eliminate the symptoms generate resistance;  failure to remedy underlying psychological or systemic problems results in no change or worsening of the condition.  Symptoms may be displaced and re-emerge in other forms.

Really competent Ericksonian practitioners working very cleanly and systematically - can use deep-state work effectively with people who are too fragile, vulnerable or too deeply defended to allow cause or process to be identified in detail.

Working this way demands great imagination, clear  & systematic procedure - and courage. This level of competence is rare.

Generally you can tell after brief conversation with a therapist whether their thinking is clear and elegant enough for you to be confident in their ability.

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