Despite what we may think we know about pain, the pain response is a complex physio-neurological and psychological phenomenon. The experience of pain is powerfully affected by the way we attend to it and what we think it means.

Although we all have different levels of  sensitivity to pain, these differences can be massively affected by the way we learn to experience pain.

Tension and anxiety are powerful amplifiers of pain.   Through changes in awareness we can achieve pain reduction through effectively blocking or replacing a great deal of pain sensation through other mental processes.

Learning how to achieve a state of relaxation in situations where pain might otherwise affect us badly plays an important role in pain management and pain control.    Such changes of awareness can be very effectively achieved through hypnosis.

As early as the Crimean war a military surgeon named James Braid discovered that using hypnosis in preparation for surgery reduced the amount of anaesthetic needed for anaesthesia by thirty per cent. It also achieved considerable post-operative pain reduction and speeded recovery from surgery and general rates of recovery. His surgical mortality rates dropped to levels very far below those normal in military surgery. Indeed, many healing processes can be accelerated by hypno-healing with methods which are only accessible through hypnotic work.

Hypnosis and self hypnosis are powerful procedures which are frequently used to provide a great deal of relief and support throughout medical procedures.  Where anaesthesia is contra-indicated - because of underlying medical conditions -  the right preparation makes it possible to undergo surgery without anaesthetic.

Hypnosis  also can achieve general reduction of stress in the system with entirely beneficial results. This contributes greatly to overcoming conception difficulties. Hypno-birthing can also be used to train you in procedures which promote natural, easy and pain-free birth.

Ideally a child is conceived and carried to term in calm circumstances. Difficulties with conception can be further complicated by work stresses or issues related to careers, lifestyle and finance. Failure to conceive is often the result of combined physiological and psychological and emotional pressures - all of which can cause relationship difficulties. These difficulties often become more pronounced where childbearing is attempted later in a woman’s life.

Even after birth, subsequent life adjustments and child-rearing stresses can also be greatly reduced through the relaxation skills already learned.  

Whether its your body or your head which hurts, efffectivel hypnotic work can equip you with valuable skills which will last you a lifetime.                                                          >>  Contact Keith Bibby

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