Other Types of  Therapy Available

This page briefly describes a broad spectrum of other therapies recognised by the UK Council for Psychotherapy and the European Association for Psychotherapy.

Psychotherapeutic  Counselling

    The role of the counsellor is to experience and

    display unconditional regard and acceptance toward

    the client -  to  trust in the capacity of the client to

    find solutions  within themselves - and neither to

    intervene nor offer interpretations but to reflect back

    what the client says for their own consideration.

Cognitive Behavioural

    The aim  is to replace unthinking reactions with

    consciously re-learned patterns of  thinking and

    acting. This is a very rational approach. Feelings are

    related to ways of  thinking. There is no reference

    within this framework to unconscious processes.

Psychoanalytic & Psychodynamic

    Based in the notion that we categorise experience

    in terms of patterns we acquired through our early

    upbringing and through the experience of significant

    persons and events to do with critical developmental

    life stages; we project our feelings and difficulties

    belonging to those earlier scenarios onto others

    rather than reacting and relating to present persons

    and events.  The intensive therapeutic process

    seeks to uncover, analyse and achieve adjustment

    in such processes.

Humanistic and Integrative

    A broad range of relational therapies which develop

    understanding through exploration of the patterns of

    relationship that are experienced in  the therapy

    room  to illuminate processes occurring elsewhere in

    the  person's life. Some of these approaches have a

    strong spiritual component.

UKCP is the most diverse therapeutic organisation incorporating the widest range of well-founded therapeutic disciplines in Europe. Within the broad descriptors above it also embraces body therapists, drama therapists, group therapists, etc.

More  information is available from  United  Kingdom  Council for Psychotherapy   >>>                                                                                                       http://www.psychotherapy.org.uk

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