Outcome - Oriented  Psychotherapy

                         ( Overview & Aims )

These active therapies enable you  to change !!

Unconscious processes powerfully affect our behaviour, our sense of ourselves

and our relationships.

Whilst  self-limiting patterns lie at the root of  much human difficulty and

unhappiness, there are also  many equally  unconscious positive patterns

which largely determine  our experience of enjoyment, capability and success

in many aspects our lives.

All these patterns determine the way we perceive our problems and the way

we deal with them.

It is a common observation that  for some people, life seems to have a

somewhat doomed quality,  whilst others seem able to generate positive

experience and to maintain a reasonable level of happiness, even in difficult

circumstances.  We also may  wish that we ourselves were able to do more

of the one and less of the other

Given that they are so important, it is remarkable that we accord so little

importance to learning to recogniseand  re-structure our own fundamental


Generally we are also far too little aware of  ways we can do this,  nor do

we realise

                                  It can be  Easy  to change

This work offers a range of powerful techniques and procedures which aim

to enable you naturally to transform  your  experience  and capabilities in

three simple steps : -

        change your awareness

        access and develop your unused or misused capacities

        deploy your discovered & improved skills far more effectively

Often people are not sure what is wrong - or they do not know what they want - or they do not know how  to change their situation. It may be any combination of these three.

The aim of this work is positive and constructive change. This requires the practitioner to  know how human psychological processes construct themselves.  Practitioners  must be systematic and efficient in analysing and identifying difficulties.  

Conventional diagnosis merely places the difficulty into a recognised category.  This is frequently neither  possible nor useful.

To progress to individual solutions one needs to have clear understanding of the underlying processes and patterns - and the very specific way these may be accessed and influenced in the particular individual.

Whilst there are some general strategies which can be used to change baseline states, solutions are necessarily individual and personal. They lie in developing or extending each persons capacities in individual ways.

In this work -


In the hands of a competent and experienced practitioner you discover ways to be free from an unhappy past or an ineffective & unfulfilling present.

Properly deployed, this approach is

                        Fast, Effective and Reliable

It offers genuine understanding and effective ways ways to take control over your life.

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