Hypnosis for pain relief & pain management uses very powerful procedures.  These can alleviate or suppress the pain of physical trauma & remove the psychological distress of mental trauma (PTSD). These techniques can also ease the physical restrictions imposed by many ongoing physical conditions through freeing up the function of joints and tissues.
Hypnosis and hypnotic processes to produce anaesthesia for surgery & dentistry and to speed surgical recovery were pioneered by James Braid - an army surgeon - in the Crimean war. He demonstrated the use of hypnosis to achieve profound reduction in the levels of anaesthetic required to achieve pain free surgery and to relieve pain during recovery. Overall there was a 30% reduction in fatalities and similar reductions in the time it took to recover from surgery for wounds.
Besides being available as the method of choice for surgery where the patient has a far greater risk than normal from chemical anaesthesia - hypnosis is also effective in many other physical processes - like labour pain and natural childbirth.
In more general terms, the experience of pain depends upon our state of mind. Nervousness & anxiety often leads to situations where past episodes of pain, anticipated unpleasantness and actual present pain can get confused in very unhelpful ways - making the individual imagine themselves into unnecessary pain.
Thus people become victims of their imagination instead of learning to use it to good effect. The fact is there are so many ways of having other kinds of awareness which can prevent this from happening. The success of hypnosis lies in developing different states of mind to amplify these capacities.
Anxieties about  conception and the pressures that are experienced by either or both partners may prevent success. Some aspects  of artificially aided conception may cause both physical and  emotional stress and pain.  Hypnotic work with both  partners can successfully remove blocks to both natural  and aided conception.
Hypnosis also has powerful procedures for assisting pain -  free labour.
Many other processes - like period pain and PMT can be much relieved or eliminated through calming strategies and changed patterns of awareness. These can be learned and powerfully reinforced with unconscious suggestion.
Put simply, hypnosis generates and reinforces alternative states of awareness where pain is simply not present.  The effectiveness of the outcome depends on skill and imaginative capacity in the practitioner to evolve methods suitable and reliable in use for the individual. Once learned these can be practised and used successfully and independently of the practitioner.
In 35 yrs behavioural science and therapeutic experience I  have developed many strategies for getting successful results under all sorts of tricky circumstances.
It is amazing how easily you can acquire conscious and unconscious skills to manage pain and put you in control. The techniques and practices you learn will eliminate, greatly reduce and transform the pain experience so that it becomes an un-noticed and tolerable part of normal experience.                                                                           Contact Keith Bibby
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