Panic Attack -Phobia -Irrational Fear -Flying -Agoraphobia

( Insects Spiders Dogs Cats, Lifts, Tube , Heights, Public Spaces, Crowds

  Claustrophobia - Driving )

( Palpitations-Breathlessness-Fast Pulse-Dizziness - Unable to Breathe -   Uncontrollable Thought Patterns, Fears and Anxieties )

Difficulties under this heading are too numerous to describe.

There are two general types. In the first, people have irrational fears or anxieties about objects or situations which provoke slight or no disturbance in most people. These include phobia for insects dogs, cats or other living things and situations like public or enclosed spaces, crowds or travel in public transport

Then there are disproportionate reactions to situations with some small element of risk - like lifts, heights, driving or flying.

Disproportionate reactions leading to panic attacks stem from a  sense of  ' normal ' reality which is distorted in some irrational and exaggerated way. Some people are so latently hyper-vigilant that they are scarcely able to relax.

There is usually a need to control which goes well beyond a point which is reasonable or possible ( or indeed - tolerable for others ).   This can be particularly so where there has been childhood experience of erratic and insecure or violent parental patterns - coupled with actual or threatened physical, psychological or sexual abuse. These reactions are indicators for PTSD ( You can enter PTSD on the search page via this link )

Whether the difficulty is mild or severe, the individual must be helped to stabilise the way they experience their internal and external worlds. The process of reconstruction may involve a variety of cognitive and behavioural exercises plus powerful hypnotic process to generate a calm and more relaxed base state from which experience can be connected in a more balanced and reassuring way.

Generally clients are impressed to discover how easy it can be to change most patterns. Overall there is a high likelihood of a speedy and successful outcome.

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