Phobias - Agoraphobia - Claustrophobia - Heights - Driving Insects - Animals - Dogs - Cats ...... Etc.

Control Freak - Loss of Control - Tension - Unable to Relax  

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Phobias of every kind are unreal ways of feeling. In agoraphobia and claustrophobia spaces - large or small - seem dangerously de-stabilising. Similar levels of fear may be generated by driving - insects - dogs - cats - or any number of unlikely causes - animate or inanimate.

For example, fear of heights, like many similar difficulties, may have some justification - but for sufferers fear is out of all proportion to the circumstances. Also the fear of being seen as out of control  simultaneously threatens them with actual loss of control.

Being unable to relax and release the tension, once the process has started sufferers feel increasingly out of control and completely at its mercy. Paradoxically those with a control freak tendency are most at risk of these difficulties.

Our experience of the world is entirely dependent on models and representations in the brain. Imaginative input - which is vital to their construction - also allows our perception to be so distorted that our behaviour is seriously compromised.

It can be difficult and exasperating for others who try to help them. Often they are torn between sympathy, anxiety and contempt.

The individual has to be helped dispassionately to unlearn these defensive patterns and to register  their experience their internal and external worlds in better connected ways.

This systematic process of reconstruction may involve a variety of cognitive and behavioural exercises plus powerful hypnotic processes to generate a calm and more relaxed base state from which experience can be connected in a balanced and reassuring way.

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