Low Motivation - Unable to Plan - Prioritise - Organise - Decide

Lack of Focus - Unable to Concentrate - Know What You Want

Restless - Unfulfilled - Drifting - Disorganised

Do you lack focus or suffer  poor motivation ?  Are you - unable to organise - or concentrate your mind and energies or decide.  Are you just drifting through life - having problems knowing what you want ?

We all need childhood support and encouragement to  enable us to feel a sufficiently solid and positive sense of who we are - what we can legitimately want from the world and what to do in order to get it.

Many individuals have had poor models and insufficient structured support in marshalling these capacities and putting them to work effectively.

This is indeed quite a complex psychological task. It requires deliberate construction of the right inner processes to direct our energies productively.

It is generally easier for those who have been raised or educated in fortunate and supportive circumstances, because competent examples and teaching have made a lot of this repertoire unconsciously available.  But even those so advantaged may have some ‘missing links’ or non- effective loops in their inner programs.

In any case - where the process is deficient or goes wrong in some way - effective new strategies can be developed - even where the initial groundwork was poor or virtually non-existent.

Cognitive Behavioural Analysis can effectively identify deficiencies - whilst the necessary perceptual and  behavioural re-structuring can be powerfully supported and accelerated with Ericksonian Hypnosis.

So you can stop drifting along and find ways to give your life a fresh injection of focus, positive purpose and motivation.

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