People often confuse esteem issues and problems with confidence. Self esteem and confidence  emphasise different things.

Low self confidence  involves thinking about our  selves in negative ways. It is primarily about low self esteem and involves issues like self image, feelings of worthiness and self acceptance.

Low confidence refers to uncertainty about how to do something or ' carry our selves ' through specific situation- large or small.  So although you may feel yourself ' comfortable in your own skin '- as the French say - and your self esteem is alright - you may not feel confident about making a speech at a wedding.

These difficulties often generate anxiety, defensive tension and negative self talk. The lower one’s self esteem, the more occurs. Consequently in particular situations they cannot think clearly or see how to change life.

These quiet complaints - Lack of Confidence, Poor Self Image or Low Self Esteem - can have profound effects. You may be withdrawn or almost invisible; not expressing your thoughts, needs and wishes - giving in to others too easily or too often putting them first.  

Being overly self conscious - worrying too much what others think - you may stay quiet or in the background - fearful to say what you think - hoping not to be noticed - but feeling quite left out. You may even despise yourself. But acting and thinking this way only reinforces the difficulty.

Inability to mobilise self presentation and self promotion skills may work against us in all sorts of ways - costing us many opportunities for personal development and advancement. These difficulties also restrict or damage our social and personal relationships and affect our quality of life.

Mere sympathy and positive affirmations won't change this. Reconstructing self confidence needs properly developed and joined up strategies.

Though the non confident behaviours are easily recognised - the underlying patterns are very individual & may be complex. They require precise analysis to find out how they are constructed - largely unconsciously. Where the pattern has strong elements of self sacrifice, diagnosis and reconstruction are usually more complex.

Cognitive behavioural strategies may be used to deconstruct negative thought patterns and reactions.  Negative self perceptions, inner states and dialogues are re-fashioned using Ericksonian Hypnosis & NLP technique.

Carefully conceived exercises enable you to experience and think about yourself in spontaneously different ways. Other devices and experimental tasks are used to generate constructive experience of new possibilities.

A poor self-image is transformed - naturally positive attitudes and behaviour become energised - enabling life to be re-engaged with new strategies. These expand and consolidate your new found self confidence.

Thus when we boost self esteem you learn how to be confident and achieve two goals : -

      how to be yourself  with confidence ... & ....

      how to conduct yourself and do things with confidence.

You feel easily in charge of your daily life, and feel better and think well about your self.

You will acquire plenty of automatic self help resources to move on - knowing how to deal with life's challenges competently and well.

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