Irresponsible - Disorganised - Thoughtless
Lack of Focus - Application - Concentration
Lack of Purpose or Meaning
Many of us can be disorganised or thoughtless to some degree. These behaviours may spring from a childhood where there has been insufficient guidance and boundaries.
On the other hand a lack of focus & application may occur where the individual feels deficient or incompetent in some way and compares himself unfavourably with others.
Where - in combination with other behaviours - it hurts our relationships or undermines our own sense of control and connection - it is important  to learn how to correct the tendency. These behaviours may be used to compensate for bad feelings about ourselves. Avoidance of commitment or non-conformity may be accompanied at deeper levels by feelings of lack of purpose or meaning in one’s life.
At the other end of the spectrum these disorganised patterns may be imposed upon others in disturbing ways. Selfish and exploitative behaviour may be challenged and modified therapeutically.
Where this is coupled with a sense of grandiosity or entitlement it generally characterises types of personality disorder which are difficult to handle and require extensive and involved therapeutic work to change.
Alternatively where there are extreme swings of mood and changes in behaviour the condition very likely needs psychiatric intervention and medication.
Selfish - Exploitative - Sense of Grandiosity - Entitlement
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