Sexual Difficulties, Loss of  Sex Drive & Function

Painful Sex, Erectile Dysfunction, Lack of Interest

Sexual Fears & Inhibitions, Shut Down, Non-Responsive

Frigidity, Male & Female Orgasm, Premature Ejaculation

Disturbing Sexual Thoughts & Habits, Over-Sexualised Behaviour

These difficulties involve complex interactions between cognitive, psychological

( both conscious and unconscious ) and physical factors. Erectile Dysfunction can be particularly tricky since so many psychological and situational pressures converge in this problem. Many other apparently physical problems - like painful sex and difficulties in achieving male and female orgasm are - more often than not - driven by psychological difficulties which may arise from childhood repressions or abuse or patterns of disturbed development.

The treatment of premature ejaculation or loss of sex drive are generally more straightforward than other difficulties. They usually responds well to treatments combined with hypnotic work.

Over-sexualised behaviour and disturbing sexual thoughts and habits including compulsive masturbation,  internet sex and porn addiction are powerful processes. Their resolution usually involves very specific treatment involving systematic changes in behaviours and attitudes in other aspects of a person’s life.

Inhibition of sexual response including frigidity & penetrative difficulties, erectile dysfunction and inability to achieve male & female orgasm almost invariably involve deep-state hypnotic work. People often get locked into long-standing difficulties, sometimes through fears & inhibitions or through strategies they have employed in an attempt to overcome other problems.

This can easily develop into a state of resignation, lack of interest. The individual or sometimes the couple both become shut down and non-responsive. This is an area where trying is almost bound to fail - since one is seeking to connect or re-connect natural ( spinal reflex ) processes with emotional events.

Striving to get a result tends to suppress the ability to give oneself over to sensual pleasure and consequently causes difficulty in reaching or experiencing orgasm.  The resulting frustration can easily give way to impatience and resentment and a turning away.

Solutions usually involve particular re-sensitisation exercises and practice over a period - coupled with powerful freeing up and reinforcement through individually designed hypnotic suggestion tapes of considerably complexity.  Provided that the difficulty has not been caused through drug-induced neurological damage, results usually develop over a few weeks. Even in the more difficult cases - the resulting changes are sustained  after two or three months of treatment.

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