These difficulties involve conscious and unconscious and physical factors; they may arise from childhood repressions, abuse or disturbed development.  

Some require  a mix of individual & couple therapy with deep hypnotic work - some-times reinforced with complex individually designed MP3 tracks to energise and consolidate the process.

Premature ejaculation is a normal process which needs moderating; it generally is put right easily.

Erectile Dysfunction & difficulty achieving male and female orgasm require deeper work to change awareness & free up inhibiting attitudes & behaviour, re-connecting the sexual self & sensual pleasure. Solutions usually involve re-sensitising exercises over a period - often reinforced with  individually designed hypnotic suggestion tapes.

Over-sexualised behaviour and disturbing sexual thoughts and habits including compulsive masturbation,  internet sex and porn addiction are powerful processes. Resolution involves very specific treatment and systematic changes in behaviour and attitudes in other core aspects of a person’s life.

Frigidity & penetrative difficulties & painful sex with no physical cause often indicate a sense of personal inadequacy, rigid and censorious upbringing or physical or mental abuse. There may be deeper issues like a fragile sense of identity, or unstable sense of reality or personal meaning. These may require personal and couple therapy combined with hypnotic intervention to release inhibitions and increase a sense of security & connectedness.

Loss of sex drive may result from exploitative sex, disillusion, depression or unspoken conflict within a relationship. Partners may be shut down and non-responsive; lack of interest in sex can develop into neglect and a sense of resignation. Couple therapy combined with hypnotic behavioural treatment can produce substantial improvement within weeks.

Provided that difficulty is not caused through drug-induced neurological damage, results usually develop over a few weeks. Even in the more difficult cases.

Changes come about quite quickly and sustain with little or no further treatment.

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