For all smokers,  smoking perpetuates a powerful illusion - that it reduces stress.  As nicotine  levels reduce - Nicotine Craving & stress levels rise. You then smoke to sedate the craving for nicotine - and feel less stressed - thusc ompleting the illusion.  In fact smoking reduces the stress that nicotine craving causes.... tobacco has control - you are a nicotine junkie !

You pay for each cigarette many times - but only once through the pocket.

You smell bad & pollute the air for others - including those you love - incurring social disapproval & personal disgust.  Your clothes and person are unclean;  your insides and all the intimate spaces you occupy are bathed in a poisonous slick of sticky tar and stale smoke deposits.

You progressively look and feel worse. Your health deteriorates and you feel worse - reducing your  whole quality of life.  You are increasingly likely to suffer and  die badly.   ( See footnote )

But all this can change.   It is a choice.    You can quit smoking !

The benefit is obvious and quickly realised !  ( See footnote ) But  - beside sticking on some nicotine patches - you might need some expert help !

Smoking cessation is a significant life change and needs to be tackled systematically.

Time for ACTION !   You come to me.  We make a thorough analysis of what goes on - to identify the process clearly and completely.

How is the habit made up ? What are the triggers ?  What  myths and illusions justify it ? Who or what situations are co-conspirators in your smoking plot ? What other purposes are you using it for ?   What do you fear if you stop ?


The aim is to find the specific solutions that will work for you.

We discover easy routes to follow. For each trigger situation there are scores of  things that could  happen instead.  For each illusion or reasonable seeming justification - there are a many possible alternative positive mindsets. For every element of resistance - there might be a hundred ways around. For every seeming loss - there are a thousand possible lifetime gains.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can change habitual patterns and mental reflexes - so that you behave in different ways - effortlessly.  Hypnosis for smoking can the experience so that you find smoking an unpleasant and irrelevant nuisance - and  don’t want it any more.

You may fear putting on weight - or losing an old ‘friend’ - not knowing what to do instead.  Instead, your unconscious  mind will be prepared with  strategies to cope with change so your system is not shocked into any adverse reaction. Old behaviours and thought patterns become triggers for entirely different reactions - interrupting and  re-routing the smoking impulse.

Success depends on the thoroughness of the investigation to analyse behaviour and find out what is really going on. With 35 yrs Professional Behavioural Science Experience - very little escapes my attention.   Ericksonian hypnotherapy deploys individual remedies and sets out to discover what really works for you.

Becoming a non smoking person  is truly life-changing. So do now and do it well -   the Ericksonian way;   just allow your smoking habit to go away !

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