Nervous Tension - Unable to Relax - Sit Still - Tension Headaches - Migraine  

Wakefulness - Unable to Rest - Sleep - Insomnia - Fatigue

Body Aches - Joint Stiffness Trembling Shaking

Upset Stomach - Bowel Irregularity - Irritable Bowel Syndrome - IBS

Self Hypnosis

See Also Stress Tension-Anxiety-Worry-Negative Thought-Insecurity..... Etc

Life will always generate difficulties and pressures. Sometimes we suffer unnecessary levels of nervous tension. We may develop migraine or tension headaches or or body or joint aches and stiffness - commonly in back and the neck and shoulders.

When people are unable to relax their nervous tension may also emerge in other behaviours states like hand clenching and wringing. They may be unable to sit still or stop rushing. Scrunching up the toes or dancing the legs may occur when seated and slight or pronounced trembling, jerking or shaking of the limbs is also quite common.

Other normal bodily functions may be affected. Tension often goes to the gut and people experience an upset stomach and pronounced bowel irregularity. Long-lasting tension, other conditions like irritable bowel syndrome ( IBS )  and chronic fatigue syndrome ( ME ) can flare up.  These conditions are commonly experienced by driving and striving Type-A perfectionists.

Whilst being unable to sleep, suffering wakefulness and insomnia are very common  - those who do manage to sleep often wake without feeling refreshed.

A proper behavioural analysis is necessary to determine how current behaviours and activity patterns are contributing to the problem whilst a cognitive analysis is essential to identify accompanying states and thought patterns. Ericksonian psychotherapy and hypnosis may be used to deconstruct powerfully entrenched patterns and overlay these with suggestion for new possibilities.  NLP may be used to develop and new patterns to match the challenges you face.

You may also very likely be taught self hypnosis to enable you to access and energise relaxed inner resources in new and effective ways

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