Hypnotherapy For



Unable to

   Relax or

      Sit Still


  Headache -       Migraine  

Body Aches



Trembling     Shaking



        & Bowel


   Bowel  IBS

Poor Rest

   Poor Sleep






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Stress and nervous tension are often associated with migraine or tension headaches or with body or joint aches & stiffness - commonly in back, neck & shoulders.

When people are unable to relax nervous tension may also emerge in behaviour like hand clenching & wringing. They may be unable to sit still or stop rushing. Scrunching up the toes or dancing the legs may occur when seated and trembling, jerking or shaking of limbs is common.

Other normal bodily functions may be affected. Tension often goes to the gut; people experience an upset stomach and pronounced bowel irregularity. Long-lasting tension can give rise to other conditions like irritable bowel syndrome ( IBS )  and chronic fatigue syndrome ( ME ).

Whilst these conditions are commonly experienced by driving and striving Type-A perfectionists, the are often indicators of stress accumulated from acting contrary to one’s own emotional needs or natural inclinations.

Other symptoms can arise - like being unable to sleep, wakefulness and insomnia. Those managing to sleep often wake un-refreshed because of unconscious tension.

A proper behavioural analysis is necessary to determine how current and historical behaviours and activity patterns contribute to the problem whilst cognitive assessment is useful to identify accompanying states & thought patterns.

In conjunction with a regime of specifically designed self-help and awareness exercises, Ericksonian psychotherapy and hypnosis can deconstruct the powerfully entrenched patterns that are revealed and overlay these with suggestion for new possibilities. NLP can also be used to develop new patterns to match the challenges you face.

You likely be taught self hypnosis to energise relaxed inner resources in new and effective ways.

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