Anger Management - Destructive Behaviour - Violent Temper

Oppressive - Bullying - Aggression - Violence

Inner Tension - Unpredictable Rage

See Also Depressed-Negative Thought-Critical-Angry

These problems may arise out of temporary or more lasting life difficulties.  If things become hard enough most of us have breaking points and can lose control during periods of extreme tension, fatigue or depression.

Hypno-therapeutic support is often useful to boost one’s resources to cope better with demanding circumstances.

But appropriate anger management strategies can be learned and deployed to good effect - smoothing the way through difficult circumstances.

This can be hard for individuals who have had poor life models - either witnessing or being subjected to violent tempers, bullying or aggression in their childhood.

They are often either too ready or too inhibited in the expression of disagreement or disaffection. They may over-contain their feelings or find disproportionate outlets for inner tension by subjecting others to oppression, or unpredictable rage or violence.

This condition is often accompanied by bouts oepression resulting from the unrewarding nature of social and intimate relationships resulting from their poorly regulated behaviour.


Deep-seated and long-lasting patterns generally relate to difficulties with Limits & Boundaries - and are often over-compensatory behaviours overlaying feelings of intimidation or inadequacy.

Identifying and understanding the processes underpinning such behaviours creates the opportunity to experience the world and other people differently and to become more flexible and resilient. Ericksonian hypnotherapy can be invaluable in developing useful resource states and a calm and stable platform to underpin work with the necessary Behavioural Change Patterns.

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