So you are overweight.  So - how do you lose weight ?

Whatever their personal practice,  weight watchers the world over know the real answer ! Stop eating too much !  Stop eating the wrong things ! Stop eating impulsively and at the wrong times ! The challenge is - how ?

You may have sought weight loss help in many ways. Probably you  have tried many kinds of weight loss diet and are now expert in calorie counting and the nutrition values of food.

Perhaps - like many people - you now experience diets as a trial and a set of prohibitions rather than a positive discipline.  Really a natural healthy diet is something to enjoy.   

The Online Thesaurus offers a constructive meaning for  ' diet'  

           ' The usual food and drink of a person or animal.

              Something used, enjoyed or provided regularly.'

Our ancestors had no problem balancing consumption.  But with modern supermarkets and easy availability of food - usefulness, enjoyment and regular provision have got out of balance - and we have become fat.

Success in weight loss management depends on positive behaviour based on a proper awareness - IT SHOULD BE EASY !!  So instead of struggling - why not get some help to achieve your goal by boosting your own constructive unconscious processes ?

The support of others in a weight loss program can be very valuable. But each of us is unique.  Whether following a program or not - the route to success can be powerfully supported & accelerated with personally focused weight loss hypnosis.

As an expert with 35 yrs behavioural science and therapeutic experience I can offer you effective help.

Careful analysis of your existing behaviour will reveal both negative and potentially powerful positive patterns. This will also identify the underlying processes which need to be changed.

The aim is to use your own individual patterns to demolish negative programs and blocks to progress.  Then install positive procedures and mindsets in their place. So instead of running into old difficulties and experiencing failure - you automatically adopt constructive alternatives.

Consider the options :-

Struggling with a diet plan       vs    a new way of being -                                                    enjoying proper activity and eating

Struggling with exercise           vs    getting your body into balance -                                                    increasingly energised and capable

Struggling for  weight control  vs    finding your way easily to                                                    a good weight for your self

Worrying  how you look &         vs    doing the right thing ...&... letting                what you can't wear         a good new appearance emerge

With a successful strategy in place - all this can be supported with personally designed recordings to reinforce your motivation to lose weight whenever you need.

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