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What Happens in Therapy ?

We talk. I attend to what happens as your account unfolds.

I notice how the states I observe connect I imagine the kinds of process occurring and what else might be involved.

I ask questions to clarify understanding of situations and processes and explore and confirm with you the way that your experience is constructed.

I give support where things seem overwhelming - and begin to map out areas which cause you most difficulty.  In the beginning we may only be able to stabilise and relieve the situation.

I notice where, despite any difficulties, you have access to inner energies and resource; we begin to decide how problems might reasonably be approached - given your present emotional state and energy levels.

We gradually evolve an approach and a plan.

Where there is a lot of disturbance & distress we may,  if you choose, use some formal hypnosis to relieve stress and stabilise things. It may also prove useful later - or not be used at all.

Often, in the normal course,  a variety of pleasant states - which are evidently a bit out-of-the-ordinary - may occur quite spontaneously whilst you are wide awake. This is the mind adopting a reflective unconscious learning mode. This happens watching TV, escaping in a book or looking dreamily at landscape - thinking of nothing in particular - but just drifting.

In this relaxed frame the mind operates very freely . Unconscious mind has different learning modes from conscious routes.  Difficulties unravel in a natural way as we discover what really works for you.

You may be invited to carry out a variety of exercises to enable you to learn connection with useful states.  You may be taught self-hypnosis.

You may be asked to carry out some seemingly strange, possibly amusing activities whose meaning and purpose completely elude you. These are not ' standard exercises ' but will be specifically designed for you  as an opportunity to develop or access powerful inner resource.

Generally people find this experience very interesting & quite enjoyable !

After a little work people report  responding spontaneously & effectively to what were previously difficult circumstances - with a  new repertoire - and a calm and competent state of mind.

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