Outcome - Oriented ( Ericksonian ) Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy

                           Individual Couple & Relationship Counselling

                                 35 yrs Behavioural Science Experience


What To Expect from a Therapist             Contact Keith Bibby

•   Constructive professional support from a well - qualified and      experienced  therapist

•   A systematic way to work through and  manage confused  thoughts

    feelings and behaviours

•   Help to explore your difficulties sympathetically and  objectively -      without making judgments

•   Respect for your own natural qualities and capacities

•   Help  to identify the outcomes you want & the changes you need  to

    achieve these

•   Creative and Skilful interventions to  develop effective skills, energies

     and awareness to  move on -  overcome difficulties and make

     decisions  and changes your own way

•   Re-connection with a spontaneous sense of yourself with fresh

     energised perspectives and calm and effective ways of  dealing  with      your  life

      IF THIS IS  WHAT  YOU   WANT ....

                             YOU’RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK

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To have  reliable treatment and outcomes your therapist should be professionally trained and registered with a reputable body which supports a professional register, develops and maintains professional standards, a recognised code of ethics and a regulatory body with proper  complaints and disputes resolution procedures.

UKCP is such a body with the widest range of registered psychotherapy and counselling disciplines in Europe.  It submits suitably qualified advanced practitioners to the European Association for Psychotherapy.

Keith Bibby is a member of UKCP of long standing. Formerly a College Chair and a member of the UKCP Governing Board, in addition he has a long career in applied Behavioural Science Research and Consultancy and  he holds the European Certificate in Psychotherapy.