Ericksonian Relationship & Couple Counselling

When is Couples Therapy is Useful ?

Preparing  to Make a  Relationship  Commitment :-

Generally speaking, longer term relationships are more easily entered than exited. As preparation for  making a commitment - you may want to arrive at an informed understandings of what you both want assess relationship style and potential.

Equally, you may want to examine your relationship to understand the communication issues or emotional processes that have potential for causing difficult dynamics or rupture. Relationship Counselling can also help you to identify what you might need to understand and the relationship skills  you might need to develop to enable you to work together to get what you both want.

Maintain  / Repair  / Improve / Your Relationship : -

It can be all to easy to let the busy nature of our lives prevent us from giving our own needs and our joint relationship needs the attention they deserve.  We may deny ourselves or our partner - or miss out on some experiences that we really want through being too busy or neglectful. Our relationship may also suffer because we neglect our own development or lose touch with aspects of ourselves that we once valued.

Also, over a period we can  lose the knack of  making those simple gestures and subtle touches which used to bring pleasure and enrich our lives together.  It can be helpful to examine what happens and re-sensitise ourselves and our partners to those things - little or large - that really matter !

Expert Couple Counselling can offer observations on matters which may easily escape attention until they become serious and help you to become more aware of opportunities and ways to avoid hurt and improve things - as they happen.

Not only learn strategies for coping better - but use couples counselling to develop your own solutions to keep the show on the road !

Counselling for Relationship and Other Life Crises : -

Even though we may think we operate well under pressure, the emotional loading of  relationship and life crises can cause explosive atmospheres and a dangerous loss of perspective.

In Couple Counselling,  Ericksonian expertise is particularly helpful in detecting subtle patterns  which characterise  the unconscious processes that cause emotional buildups and the triggers which push things out of control and over the edge.  Very often it takes only very subtle change to correct the precipitating factors.

Once these are recognised,  it is much easier to devise the means to help you to help yourselves - and each other - to bypass your own psychological tripwires.

Counselling Help  with  Separation & Breakup : -

Sometimes couples  need a period of constructive separation to re-claim a lost sense of themselves or to change their dynamic and get a different perspective. Couples therapy can be very helpful in framing and supporting this process constructively.

Breakup - if it occurs is usually emotionally painful even where it is evidently the best thing to do. Too often people leave a relationship  with feelings unresolved or without a clear picture of how things have happened.

Couples Counselling can help in identifying and reconciling the parties to the realities and framing things in a positive way.

Both parties can be helped to help each other to deal with these realities and achieve a clearer mutual understanding and a proper but cooperative separateness - particularly where children are involved.

Couple Counselling may happen during the split or may need to be worked through  a little later - when emotional distance can perhaps allow more openness and  honesty.  It can bring freedom from recrimination, guilt or uncertainty and helps the process of  adjustment and letting go.   It can also generate beneficial learning for future encounters.

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