Keith Bibby

I have 35 years Professional Behavioural Science Experience - both in research and as a full-time psychotherapy practitioner.

An Ericksonian Psychotherapist and Registered Practitioner with the UK Council for Psychotherapy -  I  served for eight years as Chair of the UKCP Hypno-Psychotherapy Section, and six years as a member of UKCP Governing Board and latterly on the UKCP Board of Trustees.  

I contributed core work to the process of developing  Occupational Standards for  Psychotherapy.  In December 2009 I was formally recognised by  UKCP for his outstanding contribution both to that organisation and to the field of Psychotherapy.   I also hold the European Certificate in Psychotherapy - and work in London and in the Perigord in Southwest France.

I  have a very broad experience of applied research into human problems. As a behavioural scientist  I worked in research and consultancy  in the public and private sectors from 1967.

My undergraduate course incorporated mental health experience through MIND project attached to an East End Settlement and attachment to St Martin-in-the-Fields Social Services Unit. From there I worked in a Centre for Serious Re-Offenders in Somerset.  I also studied acculturation problems of  school age immigrant children in a Bradford reception centre.

My Honours Degree  specialised in statistical research methods and cultural anthropology.  I  wrote  my honours dissertation on factors affecting the performance of research scientists,  and  went on to work for 11 years in the largest human factors applied research group in Europe. I became a senior consultant directing social and organisational studies - directing research into many problems like :-


middle management stress

human factors design guidelines in adapting computer-based technology to production control and administrative work settings

Optimisation of shift working patterns for process production workers

modifying work organisation and practices to reduce work related stress

re-design of corporate incentive payment systems to reflect the control discretion of process workers   

development of safety information systems to increase individual and group observation of safety procedures

optimisation of corporate relocation schemes in relation to family and social considerations

new production plant design and reorganisation studies relating management structures, work organisation and reward systems to worker motivation

research into social and economic problems of early retirement to generate new policy guidelines.

mental health problems amongst middle and senior managers

In this applied research work analysing and modelling various aspects of human endeavour, I worked alongside 260 other corporate research scientists and engineers with the benefit some of the best industrial computing resources in the country.  I participated in design and implementation in many aspects of  man-computer interfaces in the IT revolution - from the days when data and programs were  "fed"  into large mainframe computers on rolls of punched paper tape through to modern desktop systems.


In 1979  I became an independent consultant. Amongst many other problems I researched :-  

Passenger reaction to alternative non-smoking policies on main-line rail services

Market opportunity for off-peak rail service facilities for mothers with children

User-friendly timetable design

Long-haul service provision for business travellers for British Airways

Personnel issues in office relocation studies

Public consultation into traffic related stress in West London for Department of  Transport

Personal development seminars for ICI senior management

Consumer assessment and marketing development of  art fairs in New York City

User consultations in the design of public service information systems

Optimisation studies to match user requirements and in-use aircraft characteristics for a

medium-haul aircraft design project

New management processes in organisational restructuring, downsizing and takeovers.

Many management workshops on various aspects of stress and work/ life balance

I have  contributed to international conferences and seminars, worked under contract for UNESCO and was a Founder Member of the UK Social Research Association.

Besides considerable exposure to Tavistock group relations training, my full immersion into the extraordinary flexibility and power of  Ericksonian approaches rounded out and complemented a substantial  body of technical and applications expertise.  This  provided a refreshing change of perspective and enabled in depth personal development followed by  a natural movement into full-time therapeutic work. I  have been a full-time Ericksonian Psychotherapy practitioner, acquiring other significant behavioural methodologies along the way for nearly three decades.

My overall experience has developed a combination of acute observational skills, clarity of  thought and analysis, an inventive and tenacious problem-solving capability - plus an intuitive sensitivity and creativity in addressing

people's problems.

" I hope these skills and capabilities are evident in the thoroughness, efficiency and sensitivity with which I approach all my work. "

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