Mutual Respect

I have respect for the pressures and time constraints that affect my clients. I expect a similar consideration from them.  I do my best to work flexibly and take account of individual circumstances - but there are limits. Occasionally I may ask you to vary an appointment time by a small amount to take account of arising circumstances.   I have NEVER cancelled a client or asked for  any adjustment to appointments without reasonable notice.  I expect equal respect from my clients.

The Demands of  Each Case on the Therapist

The Ericksonian approach seeks to effect positive change in a natural  way I don’t just sit and listen;   I actively re-structure perceptions as we work to lend positive energy and momentum to the process.

Ericksonian Practitioners need to be very focused and alert to notice and capitalise on spontaneous opportunities for change & adjustment that present in a session.

One can sustain the necessary concentration for limited hours in the day. To be properly prepared for effective work practitioners balance workload and flow.

Each therapy acquires its own rhythm which varies with complexity & stage of work with each client.    Undue disruption to ‘ flow ’  is in no-one’s interests.


Conscious and unconscious work also goes on - both for the client and the practitioner  between appointments. Informal suggestion is used to encourage this and to achieve a state of ‘readiness’ for further activity in the next session.

Re-arrangement of appointments with adequate notice allows me a reasonable chance to re-schedule and for my own internal processes not to be unduly disrupted.  With little notice this is virtually impossible;  instead a ‘hole’ is left in my schedule - and in my head - for which the client is responsible.


Some people seem more concerned with  the cost of sessions than the quality, experience and capability of the practitioner. As stated previously - I am very willing to negotiate a concession with anyone who has genuine need.    Those primarily interested  in haggling for a ‘ cheap deal ’ will  find plenty of opportunity to exercise this talent elsewhere.

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