Keith Bibby  -   more career details

 Applied research work analysing and modelling various aspects of human  endeavour,  working alongside 260 other research scientists and engineers with the  benefit some of the best industrial computing resources in the country. Participation  in many aspects of the IT revolution from the days when data and programs were  "fed" into large mainframe computers on rolls of punched paper tape through to  modern desktop systems.

 Directed applied behavioural science research projects into many problems like :-

 Middle management stress  -  Human factors design guidelines in adapting computer-based

 technology  to  production control and administrative work settings  -  Optimisation of shift working  patterns for  process  production workers  -  Modifying work organisation and practices to reduce stress

 Re-design of corporate incentive payment systems to reflect the control discretion of process

 workers - Development of safety information systems to increase individual and group observation of safety  procedures - Optimising corporate relocation schemes in relation to family & social considerations

 New production plant design and reorganisation studies relating management structures, work  organisation and reward systems to worker motivation  and performance  -  Research into social and  economic problems of early retirement to generate new corporate policy guidelines  -  mental health  problems  amongst middle and senior managers

 1979 onwards -  independent consultant  - researching  problems like :-

 Assessment of passenger reaction to alternative non-smoking policies on main-line rail services  

 Exploration of  market opportunities for off-peak rail service facilities for mothers with children  Assessment studies for user-friendly timetable design  -  Long-haul service provision for business  travellers for British Airways  -  Personnel issues in office relocation - Public consultation about

 traffic related stress in West London for Department of  Transport  -  Personal development  seminars  for ICI senior management  - Consumer assessment and market development of art fairs

 in New York City - User consultations in the design of public service information systems

 Methods  to optimise user requirements and aircraft characteristics as input for a medium-haul aircraft  design  project  -  New management processes in organisational restructuring, downsizing

 and takeovers  -  Management workshops on various aspects of stress and work/ life balance

 Contributed to international conferences and seminars, worked under  contract to  UNESCO and was a Founder Member of the UK Social Research  Association.