Keith Bibby - Bsc(Hons) Dip EHL/NLP FCRAH

   Outcome - Oriented ( Ericksonian ) Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy

   Individual Couple & Relationship Counselling

                 25 yrs Behavioural science Experience


Telephone,  Skype & e-Mail Consultations : -

People sometimes find themselves in urgent need of  support or a consultation but are not able to make an early face-to-face appointment.

Others  may  wish to have a consultation but - because they are abroad or travelling or overwhelmed with family or business commitments - are only available outside normal consulting hours.

Where we have already worked together this generally  presents no difficulty at all.  Even where this is not the case, useful work can often be done or helpful advice can be given via Skype or e-mail or over the phone.  

Skype ( video calls over the Internet ) are now a mature technology with great advantages over the phone - particularly since the software and Skype - to - Skype calls  are free.

Clients from  far-flung places derive enormous benefit from sessions via this medium.  I use high quality but inexpensive hard-wired  equipment. ( Wi-fi  connections can easily degrade through interference or  bandwidth variation ). Using a combined microphone/earphone headset gives improved sound quality and enhanced privacy if you prefer.

The software is free to download and use.  Why not try it out on your friends and relatives in distant parts ?

I will give a clear indication of the urgency with which you should come to see me or get direct help from another therapist.  Sessions will be charged as a normal consultation.

E-mail  Dialogue : -

Some people find it useful to continue an e-mail dialogue when their work commitment takes them away from  regular help - or even in parallel to provide continuity between with intermittent sessions.

Sitting down at the keyboard  to express oneself can be extremely productive

( writers do it. )   Becoming used to  settle into a frame of mind to do this can provide  ‘ a space to go ’ away from everyday pressure to develop a resourceful stance - it can also help you to construct a map of  a territory which you may find it very useful to re-visit.

Literary style is not important -  there isn’t much point in trying to do a cut-and-paste job on your own realities - but the same process can release some very useful realisations.

Drawing on my extensive behavioural science background, I can also use some very systematic exercises  and data collection tools with which clients can work independently. I then process these separately to provide feedback and steer  our thinking.  Going through such processes and the joint examination of the analyses has often proved very helpful to clients in clarifying their thoughts about challenging issues - and considering what to do about them.

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