Keith Bibby - Bsc(Hons) Dip EHL/NLP FCRAH

    Outcome - Oriented ( Ericksonian ) Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy

    Individual Couple & Relationship Counselling

               30 yrs Behavioural science Experience


Telephone,  Skype & E-mail Consultations : -

People sometimes need support or a consultation but are unable to make an early face-to-face appointment.   Others  abroad or travelling or overwhelmed with family or business commitments - are only available outside normal consulting hours.

Helpful work can often be done via Skype or e-mail or over the phone.  

Skype ( video calls over the Internet ) are now a mature technology with great advantages over the phone - software and Skype - to - Skype calls  are free. The experience is close to a face-to-face conversation and far better than phone alone - especially where we have already worked together.

I use high quality but inexpensive hard-wired  equipment. ( Wi-fi connections can easily degrade through interference or  bandwidth variation ). Using a combined microphone/earphone headset gives improved sound quality and enhanced privacy.

I will give a clear indication if I consider you should come to see me or get direct help from another therapist.  Sessions will be charged as a normal consultation.

E-mail  Dialogue : -

Some people find it useful to continue an e-mail dialogue when commitments take them away. Clients also use this in parallel to provide continuity between sessions.

Sitting down at the keyboard  to express oneself can be extremely productive

( writers do it. )   Settling into a frame of mind to do this can provide  ‘ a space to go ’ away from everyday pressure to develop a resourceful stance - it can also help you to construct a map of  a territory which you may find it very useful to re-visit.

Literary style is not important -  there isn’t much point in trying to do a cut-and-paste job on your own realities - but the process can release useful realisations.

Drawing on my behavioural science background,  I also offer very systematic exercises and data collection tools with which clients can work independently to gain perspective on a difficulty. I process the data & provide feedback to steer our explorations.  Dialogue around the analyses often proves very helpful in clarifying challenging issues - and considering what to do.

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