Treatment of theses cases is complex.  In earlier phases very effective work can be done to relieve symptoms and to set the stage for modifying behaviour patterns.

The further advanced the collapse, the more powerfully entrenched the underlying programs - & the more separated are individuals from feedbacks needed to manage themselves.

Their systems have become chaotic. They have been responding to extreme signals generated beyond sustainable limits - excluding important awareness which would have kept them within a tolerable behaviour envelope.

Sufferers are usually unable to relax or rest in any proper sense - nor can they assess what are normal or sustainable levels of activity.  Habituated to artificially high tempo - more moderate options seem seem dull and under-stimulating.

They often find it difficult to accept a proper recuperative regime. Even those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - ME often try to use the recovery phase to get back on the pace before energy reserves have been restored properly.

Such conditions usually require determined cognitive, hypnotic and psychotherapeutic work and a powerful process of re-education.  

These aim to re-connect the individual with true feedback from his own system and re-install a properly connected sense of self.  Of particular importance is the need to re-tune the person to fuller sensory and aesthetic awareness. A range of structured recuperative activities is necessary to install sources of pleasure and a fuller sense of living more fully in the sensory present.

Released from the old damaging patterns individuals can then recuperate and follow effective behaviour programs correctly attuned to their needs, capabilities and safe limits.

This is not necessarily a lengthy process. Five to ten sessions is normal to get a properly structured regime established. The time to full recovery is determined by the severity of the condition and willingness to co-operate in the development and pursuit of a well-structured program.

One needs to develop or regain a proper respects for one’s system, its natural rhythms and capacities.  There are no effective short cuts.

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