Keith Bibby - Bsc(Hons) Dip EHL/NLP FCRAH

          Outcome - Oriented ( Ericksonian ) Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy

          Individual Couple & Relationship Counselling

                        30+yrs Behavioural science Experience


Urgencies & Emergencies : -

I always  reserve some time in the day when I can at least talk with you by telephone.  Often I can make consultation  time available either the same day or the next.

In particularly difficult circumstances you can make a very early or very late phone call. Occasionally it happens that my own day has been so draining that I am unable to be available  - in which case the answering machine will be on.  

Please leave a telephone number and the times outside which I will be unable to reach you.  You may decide to sleep late or go to stay with a friend.

When I get your message I shall be glad if  I am able to contact you and set my mind at rest also.  So please do your best to make that possible.

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