Keith Bibby - Ericksonian Psychotherapist and Registered Practitioner with the UK Council for Psychotherapy.     

Served for eight years as Chair of the UKCP Hypno-Psychotherapy Section, and six years as a member of UKCP Governing Board and latterly on the UKCP Board of Trustees.  In December 2009 - formally recognised by the UKCP Council and Board of Trustees for outstanding contributions over many years to UKCP and to the wider Psychotherapy Field.

Contributed core work to developing nationally recognised Occupational Standards for  Psychotherapy.  Holds the European Certificate in Psychotherapy. Works in South West London and in the Perigord in Southwest France.

Very broad experience of applied research into human problems. Worked as a behavioural scientist in research and consultancy  in the public and private sectors since 1967.

Undergraduate studies incorporated mental health experience through  MIND projects -  attachment to an East End Settlement and to St Martin-in-the-Fields Social Services Unit.  Worked for a period in a Centre for Serious Re-Offenders in Somerset.

Honours Degree he specialisation in Research Methods & Statistics  and in Social Anthropology ( the customs, belief systems and practices of other cultures). Applied this in the study of acculturation problems of  school age immigrant children in a Bradford reception centre.

Honours dissertation explored the factors affecting the performance of academic and industrial research scientists - subsequently was recruited and worked for 11 years in the largest human factors applied research group in Europe. Became a senior consultant directing social and organisational studies……….

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Besides considerable exposure to Tavistock group relations training, full immersion into the extraordinary flexibility and power of  Ericksonian approaches rounded out and complemented a substantial  body of technical and applications expertise.  This  provided a refreshing change of perspective and  personal development in depth  followed by a natural transition to full-time therapeutic work. I  have been a full-time Ericksonian Psychotherapy practitioner, incorporating other perspectives and methodologies for nearly three decades.

My overall experience has enabled me to develop a combination of acute observational skills, clarity of  thought and analysis, an inventive and tenacious problem-solving capability plus an intuitive sensitivity and creativity in addressing people's problems.

I hope these skills and capabilities are evident in the thoroughness, efficiency and sensitivity with which I approach my work.  

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