Couple Counselling Process and Arrangements :-

Couples often  nervous of the process - but this is a cooperative enterprise.

My aims in couples counselling are :-

    to identify patterns underlying your difficulties

    to detect the processes that drive them

    to explore, & confirm with you, individually and jointly,

    the significance of the emerging patterns & relationship processes

    to examine how your individual perceptions and joint behaviour

    trigger & maintain problem processes and relationship patterns

    to explore ways to change damaging patterns

    to amplify and develop good patterns

    to resolve past  mis-understandings and difficulties

    to enhance mutual respect and trust

Significant change can be achieved in half-a-dozen sessions  - even with powerful difficulties.

Whatever the outcome, both partners usually benefit - acquiring valuable relationship skills, greater emotional capability and confidence.



Joint couple sessions are more effective lasting 90 minutes.  This can extend to 2 hours if necessary.   Individual sessions are usually 60 minutes.

My schedule allows for flexibility.   I reserve time daily for urgent matters.

Weekend appointments are available if you can’t attend in the daytime or evening.

Couple counselling is much more than just talking about things. It requires effort and concentration on all our parts.  You may find sessions demanding and tiring. You need to take account of this in making arrangements.


Because of these demands I restrict the total number of sessions I conduct per week.  Clients should realise that I need to balance the load.  It is difficult to re-schedule arrangements at short notice. You will therefore need to be aware of  my cancellation terms ( please click this link ) .

All sessions are totally confidential.   I find it beneficial to hold at least one individual session with each partner. You get to know me and I get a proper appreciation of the underlying individual dynamics.

No disclosure made to me in individual sessions is conveyed between parties. 

My role is to assist couples progress and resolve difficulties as effectively and constructively as possible.  You will probably find it challenging and liberating.

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